Is Your Website A Sinking Ship?

Hello !

Want to make tons more money with your website and other online marketing efforts without spending a truck load of cash to do it?

Do I have your attention?


Let’s talk about a serious matter here,  money. If you’re a health or fitness business owner chances are you have a website but…

…are you leaving tons of cold hard cash on the table because you have holes in your website?


Yes, holes in your website that are leaking like a sinking canoe.

Most business owner’s that rely on their website to capture new and repeat business think that by just having a website up with their company information on it means that their job is done and that their customers will know what action to take next.

For example, to call you for a consultation, order your product, sign-up for your email or blog.

If you have a website up and you’re not getting the results you want. Guess what?

You have holes.

You need to direct your customers and prospects to take action and tell them what you want them to do.

If you have an email you want your prospects or customers to signup to, tell them to signup. If you want your customer to order your product and enter their payment info then tell them to hit the order button and enter their credit card info.

It all sounds simple and obvious but…

…it’s not and people need to know what they are supposed to do.

These are simple fixes you can do that will add lots of moolah to your bottom line without spending more hard-earned cash.

Want some more examples?


If you have an email list do you use your signature, a P.S., and other opportunities to tell your customers about your other products and services?

If you’re not you should be!

Use your signature to link to your services page or latest promotion, ask your customers to share your email.

After all, if you have a great product or service that truly helps your customers or prospects don’t you want them to know about it? Of course, you do!

Here’s another idea where you are probably losing opportunities.

Your mobile site.

Yup, have a look at your site to see how all of the pages, sign up forms,  order forms and sales pages look on a mobile device.

More than half of the visitors to your site are most likely viewing on a phone, tablet, or some other mobile device and if they can’t read your content…

…they’re gone.

Leaving you with zero chance of making a sale or getting them to take action.

If your site is not optimized for mobile right now then get a new theme, hire a web developer, get somebody to make sure your site looks good on a mobile device.

You can pick up themes on places like Theme Forest or just google mobile responsive WordPress themes.

You don’t even need something FANCY just a theme that accomplishes your marketing or sales mission.

I got one more for you.

Here’s one hole plugging tip for your site that’s not utilized a ton, it’s your backend pages:

  • Thank you pages- you can use these to upsell or tell customers and customers about other products and services you offer and other promotions you have.
  • 404 pages- Those lovely pages you hit when you enter the wrong URL. You can optimize customize those too.

The point I’m getting at here is…

…if you already have traffic coming to your site…

…use every opportunity to communicate your value to your customers and prospects.

Before you spend tons of money on SEO ( maybe don’t do that), get a new site, complicated sales funnels, automation etc.

Get the basic down, COLD.

Well, that’s it for now.

Thank you for time today it means a lot to me.

All the best,



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